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CHARACTER: Kazuma "Kaz" Kiryu
SERIES: Yakuza (Ryu ga Gotoku)
AGE: 22
HEIGHT: 184cm
WEIGHT: 88kg (after some regains)
NOTABLE FEATURES: Lean and tall, Kaz hasn't grown into his full-yakuza physique yet. He wears dumb glasses and doesn't stand out much. That'll change someday...
(VERY) BRIEF PERSONALITY: Kazuma Kiryu is a pure soul who does not judge and wants to help the world. He believes people are good and naively trusts anyone who extends a hand to him. While he looks out for the best in everyone, he's a bit weak and doesn't like getting into fights, but if you wind up opposed to his ideas, expect at least an argument (before he inevitably backs down because he isn't a hot-blooded yakuza yet.)

PHYSICAL AFFECTION: Definitely! While in canon Kiryu is more reserved and takes a long time to relax around people, Kaz is a bit more likely to warm up to his friends.
ROMANCE: Kaz is hardly a romantic, but once he falls for someone he becomes very devoted to them. Just... sometimes that means trusting them to fend for themselves. But he still cares, deep down and oh, who the fuck am I kidding, Kaz is gonna end up with Majima, he's just too obtuse to see it right now.
SEX: Kaz's first time was with his high school sweetheart, the night before he had to move to Recolle for college. With enough regains though, fighting will basically be foreplay for him so, good luck.
TELEPATHY: Totally fine! Hit me up if you wanna do this.
OTHER NOTES: Until he gets more regains and starts being strong enough to beat people up/fight injustice, he's gonna be kind of a wimp. He'll be like a dragon among daddies soon enough though.

CONTACT: [plurk.com profile] cantito | hans#9413
HMD: Comment below if you have any feedback/want to get in touch with me, re: Kiryu's portrayal, anons are on and IP logging is off!
BACKTAGGING: Hit me up if I drop anything, I try not to but life happens sometimes, rip
THREADJACKING: I'm always down for it
FOURTHWALLING: If your character has played Yakuza I want to be their friend.
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OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS: Just don't go into detail about self-harm/cutting around me pls
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