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Kazuma Kiryu
(5/1) Kaz has a vague sense that this isn't his first time going on a date with a hot girl he met over the phone Retrospec. I mean, it worked out fine before, right?
(5/2) Kaz remembers something about a guy ripping off his jacket (he wasn't wearing a shirt?) and showing off his super rad tattoos. Also they were going to fight. Whoever this dude was, he's cool.
(5/2) Thanks to a conversation about tattoos, Kaz remembers a lot about irezumi, traditional Japanese tattoos, and has gained a huge amount of respect for them. Each tattoo is a bond between the tattoo artist and the person receiving a tattoo. The tattoo artist's job is to capture the soul of the person in their art and it's the person's responsibility to take this for the rest of their life, maintaining this work of art that is their soul by never allowing it to fade.He doesn't realize they're Yakuza tattoos yet though...
(5/5) While watching Majima fight off a giant squirrel (and here I thought this game couldn't be weirder than Yakuza,) Kaz remembers... fighting... two tigers... with his bare hands... jesus christ.
(5/6) Kaz remembers Pocket Circuit Racing. Sure would be useful when you're super tiny, huh?
(5/8) Kiryu remembers being called "ojisan" by... kids. He can't remember the kids exactly, but the word makes him feel nostalgic and fond. Thanks, Majima.
(5/23) After hearing about Tatsuo's apartment burning down, Kiryu recalls a similar thing happening to him, once. Holy shit.
(6/1) Majima received Kiryu's business card from Retrospec... well, except it was in Japanese and has an address listed in "Kamurocho". Kaz remembers giving the same card to someone... has he been a real estate agent this long?
(6/2) Kaz remembers being arrested and being sent to prison. Yikes. Thanks for reminding him, Majima.
(6/2) So apparently Kiryu once played golf against some council member? What. Why.
(6/6) Kaz now remembers Tetsu Tachibana, his old boss at Tachibana Real Estate. He remembers his face, anyway...
(6/12) Kaz now remembers bits and pieces of Kamurocho, just visually. The gate at Tenkaichi Street, North Park, Pink Street, the Champion District... Just bits and pieces for now.
(6/14) Kaz remembers a man in a white suit with slicked-back hair... Akira Nishikiyama, though he doesn't remember what connection he could possibly have to this man.
(6/15) Kaz remembers more about the eyepatched shirtless guy on the roof. Seems like he just wants to fight and go wild, a fact Kiryu apparently knows well.
(6/15) After fighting Majima for real now that he's buff, Kaz starts getting flashbacks to another fight he had with the eyepatch-wearing tattooed guy. It seems like despite the fact that they often fight each other (and rip their shirts off,) they were friends. Though they went two years without fighting each other?
(6/25) Well, Majima lost his eye, so Kiryu's finally remembered that Majima is in fact the eyepatch guy in his memories.
(6/26) Kiryu now remembers he used to drive a taxi under a fake name ("Suzuki")
(6/27) Kiryu remembers a magenta-suited man named Nishiki who gave him shit about his style and told Kiryu he was boring. Look who's talking, dude.
(6/28) Thanks to some selfies with Yukine, Kaz remembers getting pictures taken at photobooths/purikura in Club SEGA. God bless.
(7/7) Thanks to Fai's pink car, Kaz now remembers getting rescued by Majima in his pink truck. (That's not a dirty joke I promise.)
(7/8) After talking about death and whether it's better to forget people, Kiryu remembers trying to reunite Tachibana with his sister, though his old boss died from his wounds before Kiryu could bring them together. Even still, she cried over him and began to regain her sight so that she could see her brother one last time and keep the image of him burned in her mind forever. Damn.
(7/10) After talking about a man losing a finger, Kiryu remembers Kuze cutting off his pinkie in front of him and the higher-ups in the Dojima family. Quite the powerful image...
(7/18) After being fake-arrected by Nisha, Kiryu now remembers taking the fall for Nishiki over Dojima's murder. What a guy.
(7/23) Talking about dancing and Kiryu now remembers that he... used to dance disco. And that the Maharaja is a thing.
(7/28) After being sort of blackmailed by Yukine Kaz regained the memory of his "fun" outing with Daigo back in '88.
(8/5) Kiryu met a real dragon and thanks to that, remembered that he used to be called the Dragon of Dojima for his fierce fighting skills.
(9/3) Kiryu remembers this conversation where he continued to rebuff Daigo, the Tojo Clan and the yakuza... until he found out Majima was dead.
(9/20) Thanks to Tatsuo's motorcycle video, Kiryu now remembers getting run over by Kuze in the sewer. What the hell.
(9/21) After blocking and fighting Kashuu bare-handed, Kiryu remembers he tried to block Kuze's lead-pipe attack... with his bare hands.
(9/21) Kiryu remembers trying to join the yakuza fresh out of highschool, and being denied by Kazama-san.
(5/2) Thanks to his training with Majima, Kaz remembers basic fighting skills, meaning he can at least throw a punch even if he was still weak as hell. (6/1) Update: Thanks to being buff, Kaz can now totally fight!
(6/10) Kaz regained the ability to speak, understand and write in Japanese.
(6/16) Kaz can now use basic firearms like pistols and rifles like he actually knows what he's doing.
(6/25) Kaz now remembers how to play mahjong.
(7/17) Kaz can now use a sword (thanks, Ishin)
(8/1) Kaz now knows how to drive a taxi and street race. Rad.
(8/18) Kaz now has super strength and endurance allowing him to pick up and wield motorcycles, throw dudes around like ragdolls and take punches like he's a video game character.
(8/1) Kaz's appearance now matches his appearance in Yakuza 0, meaning he's buff and has the outline of his dragon tattoo on his back. (2 regains)
(8/30) Kaz no longer needs glasses. He's still wearing them to work and stuff, though.
(9/21) Kaz has regained the colors and details in his tattoo. Seen here. (Good thing it's all yellow, silver and red.)
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(9/1) Unbeknownst to Kiryu, Yakuza Karaoke songs are available in Recolle thanks to him and Majima.

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